Gem Legacy


Debra is a proud partner of Gem Legacy, a 501 c3 nonprofit that is dedicated to supporting education, vocational training, and local economies in East African mining communities. 

Debra Navarro contributes a portion of her proceeds from the Watu Collection back into the mining communities.  Additionally, Debra continues to donate her time to Gem Legacy by serving on their Advisory Board. 


Gem Legacy Mission

“Gem Legacy was birthed in their belief that gems have a remarkable power to change lives and impact the world, if we all work together. With Gem Legacy’s involvement in the community, the presence of gems has a positive impact on the local community’s livelihood. For miners, this means a dependable income, stability for their children, and confidence about their daily work. For their families, this means children attend school, they obtain animals, and they are able to purchase food and clothes” (

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