Debra Navarro Jewelry x RAG & BONE

Debra Navarro Jewelry x RAG & BONE

The new Fall 2018 Saks catalog arrived in the mail!  Oh, the endorphins are flowing. I love to see what’s new by way of unexpected color combinations, evolving proportions, and intriguing layering concepts.  Here’s a RAG & BONE look on page 58 I would buy in a second.

What I love about this outfit is that I could wear it almost anywhere.  It’s casual enough for day and chic enough to carry me through dinner. The look is composed of separates which means I can switch it up a bunch of ways to create new outfits.  The neutral colored pants would be a staple in my wardrobe and I love the fresh flared and shorter proportion. The jacket, with its brightly colored lining, would make the outfit polished even if I was wearing a t-shirt, which I totally would.  Then the sweater, front tucked, adds a rich pop of color in wine and berry hues.

So as I was writing about the clothes, I realized the same comments apply to the jewelry l would pair with it.

“...casual enough for day and chic enough to carry me through dinner.”  The Debra Earrings from the Barefoot Collection do just that. They’re the perfect mixture of what I call polish & grit.  The design has an organic quality to it that translates to a relaxed easy vibe, yet sophisticated and luxe with diamonds and 18k recycled gold in a classic geometric shape.  

“...composed of separates which means I can switch it up…”   The ring stack is a collaboration of two Gee Rings from the Watu Collection and a Shroom Ring from Barefoot.  These rings can be worn alone, together, or with stackables you already own. The rings shown feature natural colored gemstone rough I purchased while in East Africa.  One is a pink spinel, the other a cabernet Malaya Garnet, both accented by neutral colored pave’ diamonds.

“The neutral colored pants would be a staple in my wardrobe…”  Pieces from the Barefoot Collection are just like those pants...with their neutral tones and classic design they’re meant to be the foundation of your jewelry wardrobe.  Colored diamond are trending and can create a really interesting color palette.

“ the fresh flared and shorter proportion.”  Proportion is what makes the Shroom rings interesting.  The one shown in the photo is 3mm high, however they come in a 6mm height too, so when viewed from all angles you get varying heights and compelling proportions.

“...make the outfit polished even if I were wearing a T-shirt,”  It’s like I said above, polish & grit.

“...adding a rich pop of color…”  The Watu Collection mixed in with Barefoot has the same effect as the sweater.  It’s like a pretty flower blooming against the backdrop of earth, like a glowing sunset against the sandy beach.  Color creates mood and picks up subtle cues in your environment.

Don’t be surprised if you see me in this complete ensemble.  I’d love to see you in it too.

5% of proceeds from the Watu Collection supports Gem Legacy, which provides support directly to the area of most need in the mining communities of East Artica to bring hope, change lives, and create legacies.

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