Alternative Bride Means Just Being You!

Alternative Bride Means Just Being You!

I would have loved to have called myself an alternative bride, but no one was using that label when I got married in the year 2000.  What does an alternative bride mean? If you google the term you’ll find styles representing rock n roll, tattoos, rockabilly, goth, and same-sex unions.  These are more obvious expressions of alternative that you can see, and I salute all the women who embrace their true selves in a bold way, owning who they are regardless of whether people “get it”.  You are the women bravely forging the way for more understanding and acceptance in the world.

I wasn’t that kind of alternative bride.  I just wasn’t into all the bridal fanfare.  I didn’t want a traditional floor length dress.  I didn’t want a traditional church venue which, by the way, was a very difficult pill for my traditional Catholic family to swallow. When asked about flowers...didn’t matter. Cake....well, that’s all about the icing. Basically, I wanted a few simple things.  I wanted to just show up, no stressing about the details. I wanted to get married outdoors, preferably on the water, and I wanted my friends and family to have a fun and relaxed evening.


I achieved my ideal wedding by doing it my way.  Back in the year 2000, when there were only 360K internet users in world and computers were still plugged into a modem with dial up internet service, I searched “short wedding dresses” and found an image of the perfect dress with a detachable tulle train.  There wasn’t an e-commerce store to buy it on, so my mom found a store carrying the brand and we ordered it in. I tried it on, it fit, and BOOM! that was it for my wedding dress shopping. It was perfect for the outdoor, on the water wedding I envisioned. I asked my bridesmaids to find their own red dress, the groomsmen to don a Hawaiian shirt, and the guests to dress vacation casual.  It was the best time and I wouldn’t change a thing. Describing it now, it’s interesting to see how the vibe of my wedding is similar to the vibe of my jewelry design. Both have a relaxed, natural, earthy energy to them.

On that note, I encourage you to express yourself through the jewelry you wear, both on your special day and everyday.  Let your ring reflect the essence of who you really are.  Here are a few of my favorite picks:

  • The Gee solitaire ring from the Watu Collection would make a beautiful engagement ring, promise ring, or token of love.  It features a Tenda cut raw natural pink spinel wrapped luxuriously in warm 18k recycled gold accented with natural colored diamonds. I love the soft pink of this hand selected stone, representing romance and love.  Spinel comes from the latin word spina which means arrow.  It's like having Cupid’s arrow symbolically in gemstone form.

  • The Pebble Solitaire ring from the Barefoot Collection is a slightly more traditional choice, but singular enough with its soft peachy pink pear-shaped diamond framed with hand set natural colored diamonds.  The strength of a diamond combined with the softness of it’s natural hue make it a perfect choice to start your journey of life together.
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