Polish and Grit – A Jewelry Dream Unfolds

It’s fitting to open this blog forum with the start of my Splurge Magazine monthly column. For those who live in the Wichita area, Splurge is a great way to follow my vision and see a new way to look at jewelry. For others, follow me on this blog. I have so much to share about the entire process, travel, culture, knowledge, the gemstone sources, and chasing dreams. So this is an edited version of the March column:

Where in the heck is Wichita, Kansas? I remember thinking that when I met a handsome golfer named Gary at a resort in Mexico, but never in my wildest dreams imagining I would be calling Wichita home several months later. At the time, I was the Promotion and Marketing Director for an award-winning country music station in my hometown of Houston, Texas. I was into my early career at the best country music station in the U.S!, so it’s kind of interesting to look back twenty years later and see how I ended up anywhere outside of Texas, in a city of 400,000 instead of 5 million.

Once there I made a smooth but unlikely segue from radio to jewelry, and now I’m standing here today with a driving passion and purpose for design, jewelry, gemstones, and people. I’m pursuing a long-held dream to develop my own line of one-of- a-kind designer jewelry. I’m inspired by my family’s Texas history, the land, a memory or current state of mind, and contradictions I observe working around me. I notice symbiotic relationships and refer to this opposites-working- as-one concept with references to a catchphrase I started using, “polish and grit.” You’ll see how each one-of- a kind piece embodies these ideas in strong, modern, sexy shapes. Then I bring in colors, textures, and fluidity referencing a more natural vibe. It’s kind of the way we live now.

I’d like to share the series of events that propelled me into the role of an entrepreneur chasing my dream. It involves an artist, a documentary, and (so far) two trips to East African gem mines. I’ll give you the human side of jewelry along with some challenges and opportunities. I’ll introduce to people who share the some of the same values regarding ethical and sustainable mining practices and how we can share our knowledge and support education so people in mining communities can benefit more from their natural resources. Follow me as I continue to develop and launch my eponymous line of one-of- a- kind jewelry. I’ll be here in Splurge every month to show you completely new ways to look at jewelry.

My website will soon be fully active at www.debranavarro.com with all new designs available to view or buy. Or call me at 316-250- 7318 with any inquiries. You can following me on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter @debranavarro.jewelry. #debranavarro #polishandgrit #barefootcollection

– Deb.